Anne Shams Art

  The Jewish Wedding Gallery: Under the Chuppah

Under the chuppah, the marriage canopy, the bride and groom are married.

The Torah stipulates that the marriage does not take effect until the bride has entered the chuppah, because she here declares her official independence from her family and her acceptance of the protection of her husband. However, research of Jewish religious law reveals that here are uncertainties about what precisely is the chuppah- an actual chamber in the groom’s home or a symbolic representation of a chamber that is not in the bride’s home?

The chuppah can be as simple as the groom’s or family’s heirloom tallit, or a canopy created for the occasion. If the latter, the couple may display it after the wedding as a wall hanging.

A midrash relates beautiful symbolic associations of the chuppah: For the wedding of Adam and Eve, God himself created ten chuppahs bedecked with gems and gold, and bade the angels entertain the first couple with song and dance.

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Tempera on paper  22” x 30”