Anne Shams Art

  The Jewish Wedding Gallery:  The Fiddler

The Fiddler is a painted rendition of a very old photograph that adorns the cover a music CD by Ellipsis Arts, Klezmer Music:  A Marriage of Heaven and Earth. Klezmer, a Yiddish term derived from the Hebrew kleyzmer, literally means vessel of song. In Eastern Europe klezmer musicians went from house to house to call forth the wedding guests, accompany them to the synagogue, lead them to the wedding banquets and celebration, and play for the dancing.

Klezmer wedding music was a fusion of Chassidic worship music, gypsy music, and many local ethnic traditions- polkas, waltzes- even Argentine Tango. Klezmorim were essential to the wedding. It is taken as a truism that a wedding without music is worse than a funeral without tears.

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Tempera on paper  22” x 30”