Anne Shams Art


About Ein Sof

Ein Sof, points to the un-nameable divine creator of all, without end or limit, boundaries or form.

The Calligraphy

    The Arabic and Hebrew calligraphy are names for the hidden, invisible divine and the manifest, visible divine.

Arabic Calligraphy

    The Arabic calligraphy on the right, AZ Zohar, is translated as the divine attribute of the manifest one, deus revelatus, or beauty as the supreme divine self-revelation

The Arabic calligraphy on the left, Al Batin, is translated as the divine attribute of majesty, inaccessiblity, deus absconditis, and the hidden one. According to the mystical Islamic tradition, when the attributes of majesty and of beauty intermingle, from there union spirit is born.

Hebrew Calligraphy

    The Hebrew calligraphy on the right, Yesh, is translated as some thing; it refers to the separateness of things, to boundaries.

The Hebrew calligraphy on the left, Ayin, is translated as no thing, to remind us that forms and boundaries are constructions of the mind. Yesh and Ayin are bipolar attributes of the divine. According to mystical Judaism, the union of Yesh and Ayin give birth to the soul.

The Central Images

    The central image of a drop of water in the ocean metaphorically refers to Ein Sof:  a drop of the ocean seems separate from it (Yesh) but returns to the boundless whole (Ayin). Once the drop is reabsorbed into the ocean or the sky by evaporation, it seems invisible but it is not, it is manifest in a different form.

The remaining images refer to the invisible divine as manifested in all forms. The right upper corner is the spiral nebula of the cosmos, formed like stellar DNA helices. The left string of colored balls refers to the Iranian Sufi symbols of photons of light that refer to spiritual states, much like the sefirot of the Jewish Kabbalah. The photon colors symbolize, from the bottom to the top: white-surrender, yellow-quiet faith, dark blue-benevolence, green-the illuminated heart, azure blue-firm assurance, golden red-mystical knowledge, and golden black-luminous darkness of ecstatic love.